049 – Seen. Heard. Valued: How to Increase Business Loyalty | Ali Cudby

Ali Cudby (@alicudby) founded Your Iconic Brand to help leaders increase business loyalty after gaining strategic marketing experience at The New York Times Company, Golf Digest Magazine, and Animal Planet TV Network to name a few. 

She is also the creator of the world’s leading bra fit training and certification program and is a bestselling author on the subject. Fusing her corporate background and her insights into consumers gained in the Intimates industry, Ali developed an innovative system for retention and growth. 

Bottom line, Ali believes your business grows when customers feel seen, heard and valued. Listen in to hear how you can foster this type of culture at your company. 

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Employee engagement and customer loyalty are connected. A customer’s experience is almost always tied back to how your employees are engaging with them. So, think about it – if someone wakes up on Monday and they don’t feel connected to the purpose of their company or their boss, they probably won’t be super pleasant to customers. 
  2. Seen. Heard. Valued. Everyone wants to feel this way. And when people feel this way, they get excited about being a loyal customer. It’s not a huge shift, it’s accessible – and it happens one step at a time. 
  3. Steer clear of ‘flavor of the month’ initiatives. No executive wants to spend time, energy and resources thinking about how they can grow their organization only to have some big announcement and then have it fizzle out. Get everyone on board – aiming for the same bullseye – then reinforce it.

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