130: Adapt! (Or Stagnate) | Ira Wolfe

Ira Wolfe is a passionate thought leader on workforce trends who has emerged as one of HR’s most visionary thinkers. He constantly challenges preconceptions related to what it takes to attract, select, manage, and retain top talent.

In this episode, Ira explains the importance of adaptability and why this skill is a core component to effective and healthy leadership in 2022.

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Truth You Can Act On

1. Pursue Change Management Weekly
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Ira Wolfe: “To move forward, especially in dealing with uncertainty, we need to have a growth mindset. We need to feel more comfortable experimenting, trying new things, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes. We also need to unlearn. We need to understand what behaviors we have. What were we taught? What have we done for the last 30 years or 20 years that is no longer going to work for us?”

2. Practice a Growth Mindset and Mental Flexibility
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Ira Wolfe: “These are skills we can teach people how to become better, but we also need to, from a leadership standpoint, make sure you have a company culture, a company environment, that encourages, embraces, and allows that to happen.”

3. Show You Have Your Employee’s Back
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Ira Wolfe: “There are internal stressors for jobs, and company leaders have to start recognizing that they need a culture where people feel like you’ve got their back. Employees need to feel it’s a psychologically safe space where they can share how they’re feeling and also introduce new ideas without fear of being ridiculed, or if they make a mistake, fear of being fired.”

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